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M.HALL LORD. THE POWER! This one is a ripper from start to end. The guitar tone is literal blunt force trauma to the ears. 12" Vinyl soon I hope?
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fuck me if it ain't got that swing! #MyFoes Favorite track: Lies Refined A Thousand Times.
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Released 2nd November 2018 on Marw Melodee Music.
'Whiteout' is U-FOES debut album.


released November 2, 2018

Music & lyrics by U-FOES.
Produced, recorded and mixed by Marcus Forsgren at EngfeltForsgren Studio and Studio Paradiso.
Mastered by George Tanderø.

Marcus Forsgren - Guitar
Peter Rudolfsen - Drums
Anders Voldrønning - Vocal


all rights reserved



U-FOES Oslo, Norway

U-FOES sounds like as if Melvins, Torche and Slayer, drunk on absinth, had a bastard child, and left it in the forrest to die. This is primal music. You can even call it precarious music -what makes you survive a night in hell. Whiteout is U-FOES debut album. ... more

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Track Name: Ice Queen

A sun drenched day
An artic storm
Ice queen
A blizzard day

She soaked the space
A tropic storm
A jungle day

She is a cloud on a sun lit day
A black hole consumes my space
Her eyes is a dark maze
Sucks the joy out of all my days

She soaked the space with an arctic storm.

Bliss taking bitch.
You cold hearted cunt.
Someone should take you to a crematorium.
Track Name: No More No More
Give light to my eyes
I cannot see I’m dead
Give life to my eyes
There is no more no more
Give life to my eyes
I´m not asleep I’m dead
Give life to my eyes
Some say there´s still a way

I have no sympathy
For your democracy
The world I’m living in
You keep on pissing in
You say autonomy
Well, I say blasphemy
And you’re still pacified
In times like this
Track Name: Blessed Are The Deaf
They´re not playing songs, they play more
Enforcers of a terrible booming terror
Making every note a torture
Victims of masters of disorder

What’s free is never wasted
Make the time go faster
Shake the time glass once again
What’s free is never wasted

What’s free is never wasted
Blessed are the deaf
All the noise and thunder
What’s free is never wasted

This slow-motion performance eats it’s way into my soul
This slow-motion performance feeds the pain
I go insane

Bleeding tones that will never end
Track Name: The Getaway
Get away, I say
Some don't know when to start
We don't know when to stop

If we knew what it was really like
We would never have got this far

Still we chase the magic dragon
There´s no puff to our wagon
And we all want to live by the sea
In a land called Honnah Lee
Track Name: Massive Star
I still believe in a massive star, in the big velvet sky
My burning heart in your shining hands, safe from all of my foes
The sea surrounds me, but I wont be alone
Safe from drowning in dreams
I dream
I long
I yearn
Track Name: Lies Refined A Thousand Times
Day, after day, after day they speak
Hour, after hour, after hour more critique
Night, after night, after night no sleep
Minute, after minute, after minute they will squeak

Their words, their noise
Dissolves into space
They're loud, they shout
But it's already said
They speak, they reach
The ends of the world
Their lies, refined a thousand times

Money, money, money, money, money, money
Liars, liars, liars, liars pants on fire
They have no speech, its not words, no sound is heard from
Liars, liars, liars, liars, liars, liars, liars
Lies refined a thousand times
Track Name: Identity Lost
I need to find my self again
This is my history
The way
Too long
A new identity

You see me in the shadows
You find me in the waters

See no
Hear no
Fear no evil

Need to be born again

No smoke
No flame
Where is the fire?

I´m dead

I am alone
Can’t see
Can’t go
Where I belong
I know it’s a long way home
Track Name: The Neverending End
It´s you
Not me
Still I feel the same
You are
I am
A needle in the hay

Fuck you
Fuck me
Fuck every single day

You tear me apart
The neverending end

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